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BioWorld Today: Brain penetrating therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease

2017년 11월 28일

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BioWorld interviewed 1ST Bio’s CEO, Jamie Jae Eun Kim, to discuss how collaborating with Neuraly to develop brain penetrating c-Abl inhibitors could provide a much needed therapeutic for Parkinson’s disease.


Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a chronic and progressive movement disorder affecting approximately ten million people worldwide. The underlying pathology of Parkinson’s disease is the formation of Lewy bodies, which are characterized by accumulation of a protein called alpha-synuclein. Lewy bodies disrupt normal signaling in nerve cells which can eventually lead to neuronal cell death.


Research by Neuraly cofounders, Drs. Han Seok Ko and Ted Dawson at Johns Hopkins, suggest hyperactivity of c-Abl activates alpha-synuclein and triggers its aggregation.  Their studies indicate that inhibition of c-Abl may be able to slow the formation of Lewy bodies and, in turn, slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. “Two of the major road blocks in developing c-Abl inhibitors for Parkinson’s disease are reducing inhibition of off-target kinases and penetrating the blood-brain barrier,” said Jamie Jae Eun Kim, CEO of 1st Bio. “Preclinical data indicate that [our] candidate compounds have superior blood-brain barrier penetration and desirable safety profiles, which may lead to good efficacy with potential as a disease-modifying agent for Parkinson’s disease.”


Under the terms of the collaboration, 1ST Biotherapeutics will perform the preclinical development, and Neuraly will test the drug candidates in various preclinical models of the disease. The goal is to file an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA next year.


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Press release announcing collaboration with Neuraly