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About Us

About Us

1ST Bio is dedicated to developing breakthrough therapies with a key value to provide novel medicines to patients. We are focused on discovery and development of innovative first-in-class therapeutic candidates with highly likelihood of clinical success. 1ST Bio currently has 16 employees with expertise in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and business development. We are working as a core expertise team of drug discovery/development and are rigorously connected to R&D networking of academia, hospitals, industry, CRO’s and investors in Korea, China and US. Our ultimate goal is to use our experience and knowledge to discover and develop effective molecular therapeutics for patients.

Therapeutic Focus

Therapeutic Focus

Neurodegenerative Diseases


Orphan diseases



1ST-102 targets c-Abl, which has been shown to play a critical role in driving alpha-synuclein pathogenesis in Parkinson’s disease. Our current candidate has optimal properties as CNS drug with potent neuroprotection activities and desirable safety profiles. We expect to file phase I IND in 2018 and we believe that it will be the first c-Abl inhibitor to advance into clinical trials, with optimal target engagement, CNS behaviors and safety profiles necessary for treatment of Parkinson’s disease with high potential as disease-modifying agent.

1ST-101 and 1ST-103 are in discovery stage as approaches to inhibit neuroinflammation associated with various neurodegenerative diseases. 1ST-101 and 1ST-103 block a critical pathway in vicious inflammatory response followed by neurotoxicity, which leads to disease-modifying potential and broad-spectrum therapeutic options for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALS.

1ST-201 targets a crucial pathway in immuno-oncology and aims to reverse the active immune suppression and stimulate functionality of effector immune cells and dendritic cells in tumor microenvironment. We envision that 1ST-201 will provide novel therapeutic option as well as beneficial part of combination in immunotherapy with the objective of modulating multiple therapeutic opportunities for maximum benefits to cancer patients.



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